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Here you will find party printables for various occasions. You also have access to blank templates to design your own party accessories. Have fun!

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Bible Party Ideas

    Nature Hike Party - Autumn

    • Purpose: To enjoy God's creation.
    • Activity: Go on a nature walk and collect flowers, twigs, leaves, pebbles, etc.
    • Craft: Provide zip-lock bags for each child. Punch a hole in each bag and tie them together with yarn to make a class nature book.
    • Snack: Trail mix
    • Devotion: Review the Creation.

    Noah's Ark Party - Autumn

    • Purpose: An alternative to Halloween
    • Activity: Have each child bring in their favorite stuffed animal. Have parents donate any wagons that they have at home for the party. Decorate wagons with crepe paper streamers. Have a parade with the stuffed animals.
    • Game: Play a CD with animal sounds and let the children tell you what kind of animal it is.
    • Snack: Animal crackers and milk.
    • Devotion: Talk about Noah building the ark and how Noah loved and obeyed God.

    Christmas Party - Winter

    • Purpose: Learn the Christmas story
    • Activity: Make play dough cakes and decorate them with plastic candles to celebrate Jesus' birthday.
    • Game: Hide nativity figures around the room. Let the children find them and bring them to the stable.
    • Snack: Decorated cupcakes, and sing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus.
    • Devotion: Tell the children the Christmas story.

    Valentine's Day Party - Winter

    • Purpose: Show love to family and friends
    • Teacher Prep: Make cookies ahead of time. Provide children with icing, plastic knives, sprinkles, and zip-lock sandwich bags.
    • Activity: Bake and decorate cookies to give to others.
    • Snacks: Decorated cookies and milk
    • Devotion: Discuss how Jesus fed 5,000 people because He loved them very much.

    Kite Party - Spring

    • Purpose: To have fun and enjoy being outdoors.
    • Activity: Flying kites. Have parents bring kites that either store bought or homemade for the big event.
    • Snack: Rice cereal treats and fruit punch.
    • Devotion: Talk about how Jesus calmed a storm (windy).

    Easter Party - Spring

    • Purpose: Celebrating Jesus' resurrection.
    • Craft: Make musical instruments. String jingle bells of pipe cleaners, put beans in paper towel tubes and cover the ends, plus any other great ideas you have.
    • Activity: Play instruments and sing Christmas songs that praise Jesus.
    • Snack: Fruit and crackers with juice.
    • Devotion: Discuss the triumphal entry of Jesus.

    Mother's Day Party - Spring

    • Purpose: Show love to mothers
    • Teacher Prep: Provide cups, dirt, and small flowering plants. Also provide stickers, small pictures of the children, Popsicle sticks, and glue.
    • Activity: Let children decorate their cups with stickers and plant flowers in them. Glue a picture of each child on a Popsicle stick and push into the dirt beside the plant.
    • Snack: Cupcakes brightly decorated and juice.
    • Devotion: Let the children tell you why their love their mothers.

    Father's Day Party - Summer

    • Purpose: Show love to fathers
    • Teacher Prep: Cut out tie shapes with knots from construction paper. Punch holes on each side of the knots and string yarn through so dads can wear their ties.
    • Activity: Let children decorate the ties that they are going to give their dads with crayons and/or stickers.
    • Snack: Cookies and water
    • Devotion: Talk about how much Joseph loved Jesus and took care of him as he grew.

    Ice Cream Party - Summer

    • Purpose: A time for parents, teachers, and children to have fun.
    • Activity: Make sundaes.
    • Craft: Make ice cream cones by cutting out circles from a variety of colored paper and long triangles from light brown paper for the cones. Let children glue the ice cream circles on top of the cones and decorate with glitter.
    • Snack: Ice cream, toppings, plastic bowls and spoons, paper towels
    • Devotion: God gives us food, and boy is it yummy!

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