Christian Symbols ~ Star

The star is a very special symbol. We see stars in the sky. Sometimes you might get a star on your paper if you did a good job.  There are stars on the flag and star stickers you can put in a sticker book.

The star is also special because it reminds us of when Jesus was born. Remember, there was a star that was very bright and it was right over the stable where He was born. That’s how the Wise Men found Him to bring their gifts to Him. Jesus was born in Bethlehem, so, sometimes, this star is even called the Star of Bethlehem.

Today, we see stars a lot at Christmas time, too. Some of you may have a star on top of your Christmas tree. You can make stars and hang them on the Christmas tree, too.

Stars are bright and beautiful and can be all different colors. When you see a star, think about when Jesus was born and how that very bright star was shining right where He was with His mother, Mary.