Christian Symbols ~ Olive Branch

The olive branch comes from the olive tree. Olive trees don’t grow very tall, but they live for a very long time. Some olive trees are hundreds of years old and still produce olives.

Have you ever eaten an olive? Some of them are green and some are black. The black ones are just riper than the green ones, but they are both good to eat. Olives are used for eating and they are also used to make olive oil for cooking.

In the Bible, they had olive trees and ate olives too. Sometimes when they cooked fish or made salads, they would add olives.

The Bible also talks about the olive branch from an olive tree. When Noah let a dove fly out of the ark after the flood, it brought an olive branch back to him. This showed Noah that the water was starting to go down and the trees were appearing again. This gave Noah and his family faith that God would keep His promise and keep them all safe. So, the olive branch became a symbol of God’s promise. And God never breaks His promises.

Many times when you see a picture of a dove, it will have an olive branch in it mouth. This is probably exactly what Noah saw when the dove flew back to the ark. It made him feel peaceful and safe and he knew how much God loved him and his family.