Christian Symbols ~ Cross

The cross is sometimes the first thing we see when we walk in a church. Does your church have a cross? Some crosses we see are made of wood; some are made of metal; and some are carved in stone. A lot of jewelry is made in the shape of a cross --- necklaces, bracelets, charms.

The cross is the most familiar Christian symbol. The reason it is used so much is because it represents that Jesus died on the cross. He was actually nailed to a big, wooden cross and died. But you know what? He came back to life and is in heaven now with God.

The cross is used to help us remember that Jesus died for us and that He loves us very much. After Jesus came back to life and went to heaven, all the disciples and the other people that loved Jesus would use a cross on their house or would wear a cross around their neck so they could recognize other people who loved Jesus, too. Back then, a lot of people got in trouble if they talked about Jesus, so they had to be very careful who they talked to. If someone was carrying a little cross or had one in their house, they knew it was okay to talk about Jesus.

Today, we can wear a cross or have one in our house or church and won’t get in trouble. We should be thankful for that! Every time you see a cross, think about how much Jesus loves you.