Christian Symbols ~ Butterfly

The butterfly is so beautiful! It has many colors and flies around.  But did you know that the butterfly used to be a very ugly kind of worm called a caterpillar. It’s kind of green and brown and just crawls around really slowly. Then, one day, it makes a kind of shell around its body and looks like it is dead. It doesn’t move and it just looks like a chunk of dirt.

Then, one day, the shell, or cocoon, opens up and this beautiful butterfly comes out. It’s like it came back to life in a new body! Something that was ugly and dirty looking became one of the most colorful and beautiful creatures in the world.

When Jesus died on the cross, they wrapped him in pieces of cloth and buried Him in a cave. It was dirty and ugly and all of His friends were sad that He was gone. But three days later, Jesus came out of the cave and was alive again and beautiful and wonderful! He was like that butterfly.

Whenever you see a butterfly, be thankful that it is so pretty. Remember that Jesus came back to life because He loves us so much.