Christian Symbols ~ #3

Can you hold up three fingers? This is how old some of you are.  Three is also a number that is used in the Bible. When the Bible talks about God, sometimes the word “trinity” is used instead of the word three. Did you know there are three parts of God? There is God the Father, God the Son (Jesus), and God the Holy Spirit.  They are all one God, but there are three parts.

If you crack an egg open, you can see three parts --- the shell, the yellow yolk, and the white gooey part. All of this is the egg, but it has three different parts. This is the way God is --- one God with three parts.

We are made like God. We have three parts. You have a body that is the skin, face, fingers, and toes, and all the parts you can see when you look in the mirror. Then there is your spirit and soul that you can’t see. All three of these parts are important and make you very unique. So, you have three parts like God has three parts.

Three is also used in the Bible to talk about the gifts the Wise Men brought to Jesus when He was born. There were three gifts that they presented to Jesus because they knew He was a very special baby. Each of the gifts showed how much they loved Jesus and how important he was.

Jesus also had three very special friends. He loves everyone and is a friend to everyone, but when Jesus was here on earth, there were three friends that were with Him almost all the time after He started His ministry. They were Peter, James, and John. They were all disciples and learned a lot from Jesus.