Christian Symbols ~ #1

The number one is a very special number. It is the first one we learn when we are counting. We hold up one finger when we are pointing at something. The number one finger on your hand is the one you use the most. Hold up one finger.

The number one is also a very special Christian symbol. It symbolizes the one true God. There is only one God and He loves you very much. He created you and there is no one else in the world like you. You are kind of like God --- one of a kind! Even if you are a twin or triplet, you are still very unique and special. You think and do things in your own special way.

One also symbolizes unity.  Unity means we are in agreement. We want the same thing. If you ask your mother to bake some chocolate chip cookies and she says she will if you help her, then you and your mother are in unity about the cookies. You both want cookies!

Unity in Christ is like that too. Jesus loves you and wants the very best for you. It is important that you love and obey Jesus. You should do things that you know He would want you to do. When you do the things you know Jesus wants you to do --- obey your parents, share your toys, be nice to your friends --- you are in unity with Him.

Think about number one. There is only one God and there is only one you. Together, you can be in unity with Him. He will always be with you and love you.