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What is a Victory for Verses program?

The Victory for Verses Program is a system whereby children in your church can recite verses from the Bible to earn "dollars" that can be redeemed once a month for prizes.  This program has been used in many churches with much success.  Kids are excited about learning verses that they will remember for the rest of their lives…and they get a reward for the time they took to do this.

The goal of the program is to encourage children to hide God's word in their hearts.  Giving children an incentive to do this is a great idea, and once they learn their verses, they are more likely to remember them for years.  In fact, we encourage you to allow children to say verses over again each year so that they have a higher likelihood of never forgetting what they memorized.

What ages are recommended for participation in the program?

Children ages 3 to 11 can easily participate in the program.  Of course, Bible verses will be easier for younger children and harder as the ages go up.

What ways can children earn their dollars?

This program is flexible.  Essentially you can decide how you want children to earn their dollars.  Some recommendations include:

  • Bringing their Bible to class (1 dollar)
  • Reciting one Bible verse (2 dollars)
  • Reciting items off the Memory Master List (included) (5 to 30 dollars)

Where do the prizes come from?

The prizes can be purchased at places like a dollar store, discount store, and online at Christian Book Distributors.  These are places where you will likely find sales and bargains on small ticket items like stickers, pencils, etc… You can also keep an eye out for bigger ticket items like craft kits, cars for boys, dolls for girls, etc…  If you are able to get a budget approved for the program by your church board of directors that can also be a viable option.

How will you help get our program started?

Included in this Victory for Verses program packet you will receive dollar templates that you can print on colored card stock.  You will receive dollars in various amounts, so you can decide how you would like to give these out to children.  You also receive a Memory Master List that has the most common things that children memorize when they are young.  The items on this list will be worth more dollars to kids then just saying verses from the Bible.  Plus, there is a checklist that you can print for each child to keep track of the verses and list items that they recite.

What do I have to provide to get this started?

You will need volunteers who will be willing to sit and listen to children who want to say verses and earn dollars.  You can set up a station for children in a central hallway or some other place in your church.  The station can be open when it is convenient for you.  Some churches prefer to open their memory station a half hour before Sunday School classes start.  It wouldn't hurt to have a few Bibles handy for children who want to say their verse(s), but have left their Bible at home.

When should the Victory Verse store be open for children?

Once a month you should open your store for children to shop and spend their dollars.  This is good because it gives children time to collect dollars, and it is not making them wait a long time to spend their dollars.  Children should reap their rewards in a satisfactory amount of time to make saying the verses more enjoyable and more urgently.

Can I contact you with more questions that I might have?

Absolutely!  Just send us an e-mail at  We will be happy to answer questions you have. 

Victory for Verses Resources

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