Sunday School Song Lyric Mini Books

This mini books make learning Sunday school songs fun. Simply cut and fold, and you have a great way to share the lyrics to some of the most popular Sunday school songs with your preschoolers!

Angels Watching Over Me

Be Careful Little Eyes

Hallelu Hallelu

Jesus Loves Me

Jesus Loves the Little Children

The B-I-B-L-E

This Little Light of Mine

Down in My Heart

I'm in the Lord's Army

Praise Him Praise Him

God is So Good

Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam




Print the mini book and gather
the supplies shown here. Cut
around the outer dotted lines
and throw away excess paper.


 STEP 2:

Cut the slit in the center
of the mini book.


 STEP 3:

Fold the mini book width
wise as shown in the picture.


 STEP 4:

Fold the book down where
you cut the center slit, as
shown here.


 STEP 5:

Open the mini book back up.
Now fold length wise as
shown here. Pus the two
outer sectios of the book in
towards the center and fold
the book in place.


 STEP 6:

Finished mini book! 

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