Bible Verse Memory Cards

Use these Bible Verse memory cards to help children remember them. Click on the card you want to print. It will render in a new screen.  Use the blank Bible verse memory card template to create your own memory verse cards in MS Word.

Blank Template

1John4-8.gif   1Thessal5-18.gif   1_Timothy_6-17.gif   2Corinth5-17.gif


2Timothy2-15.gif  Acts12-5memorycard.gif  Acts13-30.gif  Colossians3-17.gif


 Ecclesiastes3-1.gif  Ephesians4-32.gif  Ephesians_6-1.gif  Galatians6-9.gif


Genesis1-1.gif  Genesis1-27.gif  Hebrews_10-23.gif  James1-20.gif


Job27-4.gif  John1-4.gif  John3-30.gif  John10-27.gif


John11-25.gif  John_17-17.gif  Joshua23-11.gif  Jude1-21.gif


Luke2-14.gif  Luke7-35.gif  Luke12-34.gif  Mark13-31.gif


Matthew1-21.gif  Matthew5-15.gif  Matthew19-14.gif  Phil4-13.gif


Proverbs7-2.gif  Proverbs14-34.gif  Psalm18-1.gif  Psalm40-8.gif


Psalm56-3.gif  Psalm68-19memorycard.gif  Psalm148-3.gif  Psalm150-6.gif


Psalm_46-10.gif  Romans3-23.gif  Romans10-13.gif  Romans12-15.gif


Romans12-21.gif  Titus2-13.gif