Bible Story Mini Books

Use these fun books that children will love to keep.

10 Commandments


Armor of God

Baby in a Manger


David & Goliath

Elijah Prays for Rain

Good Samaritan

Jesus Feeds the Multitude

Jesus Heals

Jesus is Baptized

Jesus is Risen

Jonah & the Whale

Joseph Gets a Coat

Daniel in the Lions Den

Lord is My Shepherd

Moses in a Basket

Moses Parts the Red Sea

Noah's Ark

Prodigal Son

Mini Book Folding Instructions


Print the mini book and gather
the supplies shown here. Cut
around the outer dotted lines
and throw away excess paper.


 STEP 2:

Cut the slit in the center
of the mini book.


 STEP 3:

Fold the mini book width
wise as shown in the picture.


 STEP 4:

Fold the book down where
you cut the center slit, as
shown here.


 STEP 5:

Open the mini book back up.
Now fold length wise as
shown here. Pus the two
outer sectios of the book in
towards the center and fold
the book in place.


 STEP 6:

Finished mini book!