Fun Craft Projects

Have fun making these creative craft projects with your Sunday School class!  Kids will love them!

Easter Egg Fantasies

Materials:  Eggs, Pencil, Sharp scissors, Egg dye, Glue, Beads, Glitter, Sequins, Cotton balls, Flower picture or tiny artificial flowers

1. Draw an oval shape in pencil on the side of an egg for opening. Use pointed embroidery scissors to cut along the pencil line. Empty the contents of the eggs. Carefully wash out the eggshells and let them dry. You are going to decorate the opening and make a scene inside. They may be used as is, or dipped into egg dye or a food-coloring solution. Or the inside may be one color and the outside another, instead of dipping.

2. Now begins the fun of decorating. Glue each shell to a circle of plastic sponge or set it on a piece of clay. Decorate the outside with colored sequins, beads, or glitter. Glue a piece of fluffed cotton to the inside bottom. On this, glue a tiny flower picture cut from an old magazine, or use tiny artificial flowers.

3. Another version with more detail is to create a scene inside the egg. Use cotton and trace cutouts, a sprig of dried grass, a tiny barn, and animals from a picture or greeting card to make your own figures and objects from paper or clay. A scrap of rickrack or braid may be glued around the opening.

4. Next time make an egg that can be hung up. Glue a tiny piece of cotton at the top, then a length of embroidery floss or narrow ribbon for the hanger. Cover the cotton with some tiny beads, small colored stones, or a small plastic flower.

Bunny Pot

Materials: Plaster of paris, Twig, Terra cotta pot, White spray paint, Felt, Pompom, Wiggly eyes, Small ornaments

1. Using plaster of paris, secure a branchy twig inside a terra cotta pot.

2. Trim the branches as necessary and spray paint the branch and pot white.

3. Decorate the pot with felt ears, pompoms for muzzle, felt mouth, large wiggly eyes and fabric- coated wire for whiskers, and a pompom tail.

4. You can even add felt feet and stick them to the bottom of the pot.

5. Now you can decorate your tree with small ornaments, purchased or hand made.  You can also decorate the pot in neutral colors and just hang seasonal ornaments on it all year round.

6. You may want to "plant" your branch in a plastic pot since the terra cotta pot may crack when the plaster of paris hardens.

Christmas Mobile
This is a great idea as an ongoing project over four Sundays before Christmas. 

You can choose shapes like trees, wreaths, snowmen, and reindeer.  You can also find cut outs online.  The possiblilities are limitless.  If you have extremely young children, you cut the shapes out ahead of time and punch the holes in each shape.  If you allow the children to cut out the shapes themselves, use the round ended safety scissors.  Also use care when children are using the hole punch.

You can have each child color the shapes and add each week to the mobile.  By the final week, each child will have eight shapes on their mobile.

Materials Needed
1.    Pen or Marker
2.    Construction Paper
3.    Christmas Cookie Cutters
4.    Scissors
5.    Glitter Pens or Paint Pens
6.    Hole Punch or Tape
7.    Dental Floss or Embroidery Thread
8.    Dinner Size Paper Plate

How to Assemble
1.    Place the cookie cutters on the construction paper and trace around them.
2.    Cut out the shapes.
3.    Let the child use the paint or glitter pens to draw and color the shapes.
4.    Using the hole punch, put one hole in the top of each shape.
5.    At the edge of one of the paper plate, begin to cut a spiral path.  Cut around and around until you have reached the middle of the paper plate.
6.    Thread the floss through the hole.
7.    Put as many holes in the paper plate spiral as you have shapes. 
8.    Tie each shape to the sprial.
9.    Hang up the mobile.

Christmas Tree Garland

This is a good time to explain to the children about giving.  When the children get home, they can place the fruit loop yarn on their Christmas tree.  However, after Christmas, the children can put the fruit loop yarn outside.  The birds will eat the fruit loops and then they can cut the string up into pieces that the birds can use for their nests.

Christmas is a great time to teach preschoolers about sharing and helping others.  Try to teach your preschoolers how to do this by having the children share bowls of fruit loops.  Something as small as this will provide a great opportunity for you to talk about sharing.

Materials Needed:
1.    Red or Green Yarn
2.    Large Darning Needles
3.    Masking Tape

How to Assemble
1.    Thread the yarn through the eye of the darning needle.
2.    Tape one end of the yarn to the table.
3.    Let the children thread the fruit loops onto the yarn.
4.    When they have a long string of fruit loops, help they tie the two ends of the yarn in knots big enough to keep the fruit loops from falling off.

Animal Crafts

Paper Bag Owl
This little guy will certainly keep an eye out for your kids!

Materials:  Paper bag, Constructions paper, Crayons, Newspaper, Twigs 


Cut an upside down U in the open end of the bag to leave 2 feet. You add 2 pointed ears, a diamond mouth and two eyes.

Have the children color lines for his hair and add two black claws. Stuff the bag with some newspaper.

That day we went on a walk and we each looked for a twig. We used that twig to perch the owl on. Just put the twig near the bottom of the owl and staple the bag together.

Dragon Fly

This little guy will enjoy flying right beside your kids.

Materials:  Paper towel tube, Yellow paper, Large wiggle eyes


   1. Use a paper towel tube and have them decorate a piece of paper (yellow) that fits around the tube. Then tape it around the tube.

   2. Trace the children's hands (2) and tape one to either side of the tube near the top.

   3. Add wiggle eyes (oval shaped - flat on bottom), so that they are sticking up above top of tube.

   4. It looks like it's clapping its hands - it's actually flapping its wings.

Thumbprint Animals

Sometimes the tiniest animals are the most fun!

Materials:  Construction paper, Pink paint, red paint, black paint, Markers


Have children put pink thumbprints on a piece of construction paper and make the prints into pigs. Use black paint for cows, red for roosters, etc. Use a marker to add legs, beaks, etc. Be creative!

Moveable Animals

These animals are going places! They also make good shadow puppets!

Materials:  Pencil, Scissors, Colored cardboard, Brads (paper fasteners), Hole puncher, Glue, Popsicle sticks


   1. Choose one animal and draw the outline of its head, body, arms, and legs separately on a piece of colored cardboard. Cut these pieces out.

   2. Make holes at the joints with a hole punch. Don't make the holes too near the edge of the cardboard because it might tear.

   3. Use brads to join the parts together.

   4. Make parts for lots of different animals.

Variation: To make the animals into shadow puppets, glue Popsicle sticks to the back of the head and elbows. Let the legs dangle. Stand in front of a well-lit wall, move the sticks, and see the shadow of the animal move! 

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