Christian Symbols eBook


Teach preschoolers about the most popular Christian symbols we recognize today. Of course, there are over 100 symbols that Christians have used throughout the centuries, but we are concentrating on the ones that preschoolers can understand.

The only way the next generation is going to know the meaning of these symbols is to teach them at a young age, and keep reinforcing the importance of these symbols in the Christian life as they get older. This section aims to do just that...making it easy for a Sunday school teacher or homeschooler to explain these symbols in a language that preschoolers can understand.

Members Have Access To

The Number "1"
The Number "3"
The Number "7"
The Number "10"
The Number "12"
The Cross
The Dove
The Olive Branch
The Butterfly
Alpha & Omega
The Holy Bible
The Fish
The Pomegranate
The Rainbow
The Star

    Each symbol has an easy-to-read explanation of why the symbol is important to Christians, and how to apply that symbol to life each day. Also included for each symbol is an activity worksheet and coloring page.

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